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Now I feel that this heart, of mine has taken many falls,
Still sometimes the rain, can turn into a waterfall,
And the prettiest things, can come out of the coldest night,
And even with broken wings, sometimes you find your way to fly
Yes I Can Be...

Bigger, Bigger
Stronger, Stronger
Harder, Harder
Yes I Can Be...
Bigger, Bigger
Stronger, Stronger
Harder, Harder
Yes I Can Be...
Now I feel that this soul, of mine has had its many tolls,
Still sometimes this pain, is what we need for us to grow,
So when it's time for me, to look into my deeper side, I will...
I will find a way, to hold onto the love inside,
Yes I Can Be...

[Chorus x2]

See I can be anything I wanna be,
All I have to do is put my mind to it... and I can do it,
So what I want you to do, is put your fist in the sky,
And say it with me,
I Can Be...

[Chorus x2]

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