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There are moments in our lives
That we feel completely alone
We feel as though, no one knows what we are going through
It is possible to be alone, and not live alone
You made me believe in something more than hurt
It is possible to feel alone
I could, be your [?]
And not work alone
Two-thousand miles
Show love, show love
My mum is in my head
I remember looking up at this really big tree
And I was think about her smile
She brought me up to be free
[?] read my word
Light is hazy
Show love, show love
[?] read my word
You are not alone
You didn't make it where you are by yourself
No strange food for me
Be my [?]
Rise up, Rise up
If I [?] way

Теперь вы можете слушать официальное видео или текста песни видео "Intro" в том числе в альбоме "Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell" [посмотреть альбом] в 2018 году с музыкальным стилем Electronica . Лучшие тексты на этом компакт-диске песни "Intro" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Close But Not Quite (feat. Sampha)" [Текст песни] [видео] - "She Said (feat. Obongjayar & Kamasi Washington)" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Echoes in the Bone - Interlude (feat. Rachel Zeffira)" [Текст песни] [видео] - .


Посмотрите Everything Is Recorded биография and дискография со всеми его записями . Его музыку можно найти на их "Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell" [Посмотреть] - "Singles" [Посмотреть] - "Close but Not Quite - EP" [Посмотреть] - .

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