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Just a rolling stone all alone and lost
For a life of sin I have paid the cost
When I pass by all the people say
Just another guy down the lost highway

I was just a lad nearly twenty two
Not bad not good just a kid like you
But now I'm lost too late to pray
Lord I'm rolling down that lost highway
[ steel ]
Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine
And a woman's lies make a life like mine
Oh the day we met I went astray
I started rolling down that lost highway

Now boys don't start to rambling round
On this road of sin or you're sorrow bound
Take my advice or you curse the day
You started rolling down that lost highway

Теперь вы можете слушать официальное видео или текста песни видео "Lost Highway" в том числе в альбоме "At The Golden Nugget" [посмотреть альбом] в 1961 году с музыкальным стилем Pop Rock . Лучшие тексты на этом компакт-диске песни "Honky Tonk Girl" [Текст песни] [видео] - "I Guess I'm Gettin' Over You" [Текст песни] [видео] - "I'll Step Aside" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Orange Blossom Special" [Текст песни] [видео] - "I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love" [Текст песни] [видео] - .


Посмотрите Hank Thompson биография and дискография со всеми его записями . Его музыку можно найти на их "An Old Love Affair" [Посмотреть] - "At The Golden Nugget" [Посмотреть] - .

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