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Parapapa papa pa parapapa [x4]

Yeah, aha give it all you got to make sense, we pump it

I’m so blessed with the music love it

We gotta dance all night, no question

..it’s so important on

For the party comes to the roof

Shawty don’t stop on the DJ roof

Baby it’s four blocks, let go, get lose

For em to get make hot, just make a move!

Celebrate, we don’t hesitate

It’s plenty girls in the park, don’t regulate

To the right, to the left that I make you shake


What a…

How I like your body, body

Make me so naughty, naughty

When I stretch you like Pilates

Hey shawty!

Parapapa papa pa parapapa [x4]

Let’s get this party rocking now,

Show you how to do it when…

Get it backed up with a brand new sound

I know how to make the room get extra crowd, extra crowd!

Run this town, better.. this ship…

I’ll be your life guard, it’s ok..

…just in case!

Rose …you have to get your groove on, no shoes on

That’s why you gotta do it when the world got a new song

Wait too strong, …too long

From the…

Got up to date feel like a rock star

I’m.. the place, shawty like a guitar

…I know!

Parapapa papa pa parapapa [x4]

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Теперь вы можете слушать официальное видео или текста песни видео "Parapapa" в том числе в альбоме "Only One Rida (Part 2)" [посмотреть альбом] в 2011 году с музыкальным стилем Hip Hop . Лучшие тексты на этом компакт-диске песни "Turn Around, Pt. 2" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Good Feeling" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Parapapa" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Wild Ones lyrics feat. Sia" [Текст песни] [видео] - "Run To You feat. T-Pain & LMFAO" [Текст песни] [видео] - .

Посмотрите Flo Rida биография and дискография со всеми его записями . Его музыку можно найти на их "Ralph Breaks the Internet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" [Посмотреть] - "Singles" [Посмотреть] - "The Perfect 10" [Посмотреть] - "My House" [Посмотреть] - .

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