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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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"Singles" (2016).



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1 [So Far Away (feat. DAvid Guetta con Jamie Scott y Romy Dya)]

2 [Break through the silence]

3 [ There For You ]

4 [Animals]

5 [Tremor]

6 [Wizard feat. Jay Hardway]

7 [Pizza]

8 [Scared to Be Lonely (Ft. Dua Lipa)]

9 [Ocean (feat. Khalid)]

10 [Game Over feat LOOPERS]

11 [Don't Look Down feat. Usher]

12 [High on Life (feat. Bonn)]

13 [In the Name of Love feat Bebe Rexha]

14 [Breach (Walk Alone)]

15 [Now That I've Found You feat. John and Michel]



[By Law]



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