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I kiss the hand that holds my heart, so tender it's embrace
I kiss your eyes and read the love that's written on your face
I kiss the lips that kiss me back and take me to that place
Where loneliness and discontent are gone without a trace

I will be your comfort, whenever you're in pain
I will be your shelter, from the wind and rain
I will be your beacon, to guide you home again
And you will be the keeper of my heart
And you will be the keeper of my heart

I love the one who holds my heart, she fills my world with light
She makes a bright and sunny day, from dark and fear filled night
She takes whatever's wrong for me and tries to make it right
So heartache pain and misery are gone without a fight

I will lift your spirit, whenever you are blue
I will be your constant, when no one else is true
I will always be the friend you need to get you through
And you will be the keeper of my heart
And you will be the keeper of my heart

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