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You say I only hear what I want to.

You say I talk so all the time so.

And I thought what I felt was simple,

And I thought that I don't belong,

And now that I am leaving,

Now I know that I did something wrong 'cause I mised you.

Yeah yeah, I missed you.

And you say I only hear what I want to:

I don't listen hard,

Don't pay attention to the distance that you're running

To anyone, anywhere,

I don't understand if you really care,

I'm only hearing negative: no, no, no.

So I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up,

And this woman was singing my song:

Lover's in love, and the other's run away,

Lover is crying 'cause the other won't stay.

Some of us hover when we weep for the other who was

Dying since the day they were born.

Well, well, this is not that;

I think that I'm throwing, but I'm thrown.

And I thought I'd live forever, but now I'm not so sure.

You try to tell me that I'm clever,

But that won't take me anyhow, or anywhere with you.

You said that I was naive,

And I thought that I was strong.

I thought, hey, I can leave, I can leave.

Oh, but now I know that I was wrong, 'cause I missed you.

Yeah, I miss you.

You said, I caught you 'cause I want you and one day I'll let you go.

You try to give away a keeper, or keep me 'cause you know you're just scared to lose.

And you say, Stay.

And you say I only hear what I want to.

Album "Tails" (1995)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Stay included in the album Tails [see Disk] in 1995 with a musical style Cantautor . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "It's Over" Lyrics Video - "Snow Day" Lyrics Video - "Taffy" Lyrics Video - "When All The Stars Were Falling" Lyrics Video - "Do You Sleep ?" Lyrics Video - .

Look Lisa Loeb biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "The Very Best Of Lisa Loeb" View - "Cake And Pie" View - "Hello Lisa" View - "Tails" View - .

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