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Be Quick Or Be Dead Testo

Covered in sinners and dripping with gilt
Making you money from slime and from filth
Parading your bellies in ivory towers
Investing our lives in your schemes and your powers

You got to watch them - Be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven - The thief in your head
You've got to watch them - Be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven - The thief in your head...
Be quick! Or be dead!
Be quick! Or be dead

See... what's ruling all our lives
See... who's pulling the strings...
I bet you won't fall on your face...
Your belly will hold you in place

The serpent is crawling inside of your ear
He says you must vote for what you want to hear
Don't matter what's wrong as long as you're alright
So pull yourself stupid and rob yourself blind.

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "Be Quick Or Be Dead" incluso nell'album "Fear of the dark" [vedi disco] nel 1992 con un salto di stile Hip Heavy Metal musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Be Quick Or Be Dead" Testo ] Video - "From Here To Eternity" Testo ] Video - "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" Testo ] Video - "Fear Is The Key" Testo ] Video - "Childhodd's End" Testo ] Video - .
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