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Dusk Testo

See my hand is moving
Touching all that's real
And once it stroked loves body

Now it claws the past.

The scent of a flower,
The colours of the morning,
Friends to believe in,
Tears soon forgotten,
See how the rain drives away, another day.

If a leaf as fallen
Does the tree lie broken?
And if we draw some water
Does the well run dry?

The sigh of a mother,
The screaming of lovers,
Like two angry tigers,
They tear at each other,
See how for him lifetimes fears disappear.

Once jesus suffered,
Heaven could not see him.
And now my ship is sinking,
The captain stands alone.

A pawn on a chessboard,
A false move by God will now destroy me,
But wait, on the horizon,
A new dawn seems to be rising,
Never to recall this passerby, born to die.

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