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Fly (Feat. Ja Rule) Testo

I know you're looking at me
But that was somethin you see
Something special that you can't deny

You've got my dreams
Can't let them fade
I wanna show the world that I can make it right.. right!

No matter what you say about
I found my way until the top
This is my life, this is for real
You wanna try me out, I feel

I've been trough so many things
'cause this is where I've been
Baby the girl I'am...
You know my history
I know that I'm keep searching for something more

You think you see the reason such a think
As the perfection that you want for me
Just look around you
Nobody's perfect
Like everyone that gonna keep on your in

There's this love I have inside
to keep me carry on enough
I'm gonna show you that I can
I'll make you see that I'm a lie
Like a butterflie's away, it goes beyond your eyes can see
Just say you come with me

And I'll fly...
I'll sing the way I feel
And I'll fly...
I'll show you that I'm real
And I'll fly...
Don't try to change my mind
A girl may let me take you on this ride
I've seen your world, so let me show you mine

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "Fly (Feat. Ja Rule)" incluso nell'album "Meu Momento" [vedi disco] nel 2009 con un salto di stile Hip Pop Rock musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Fly (Feat. Ja Rule)" Testo ] Video - "Gosto Tanto" Testo ] Video - "Desejos" Testo ] Video - "Não Me Leve A Mal" Testo ] Video - "Sentido A Minha Vida" Testo ] Video - .
Guardate Wanessa Camargo biografia e discografia con tutti i suoi dischi . La sua musica puo essere trovato alla loro "33 Wanessa Camargo" [View] - "Meu Momento" [View] - .

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