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Hallelujah Testo

So... here we go, here we go...
Am I ready? Are you ready? Are they ready? Are we ready?
I don't know, I don't know
What do I know?
I know
You need to
Open your mind

I'm like hallelujah!
Praise God, almighty, the most high, alpha and omega in the sky
I'm like hallelujah!
Praise God, almighty, the most high, alpha and omega in the sky

Made in the image of God
With a blunt in my mouth and a bitch on the side
Hold up, wait a minute my life need a massage
Happy ending with a money menage
Me, dirt broke, that's a money mirage
Runnin my city like I'm the Wizard of Oz
Everybody wanna know what I devise
Everybody wanna know, yeah
Got a new vision, everybody listen
Fuck around I got a new religion
What it is what it isn't, all of that revision
Get the fu*kup out that prison
It's obvious the body is the cracker
The worse it is, what hurts it is, the blacker
Everybody actin like the brain don't matter
Mind over matter unless we talkin brain matter
Actin like you never seen a ass way fatter
Bitch way badder, mind in the gutter
Food for thought, yeah that's the plan with the butter
Talkin shit, ya get hit like what up?
I just wanna do it but I can't
World wanna tell me what I ain't
Far from a saint, come now just let that boy paint
Let a mothafucka like this live
Yeah, lemme show em what I gotta give
Let a mothafucka like this live
Made in the image of God, can you feel the vibe?
Mothafucka is you ready to ride? Is you ready to die?
Like B.I.G. the V.I.P
The greatest of all time, I'll be Ali
See, I be
The cost of livin it ain't free
See, the tab on me
Feelin' like the man got tabs on me
Wonder if I only had rags on me
Would ya love me, want me?
Here with this, I know
Funny thing is I don't even know
All I get to have and all I have to give is what my God will give
Yeah, lemme show em what I gotta give
Let a mothafucka like this live
Like, like

I'm like hallelujah!
Praise God, almighty, the most high, alpha and omega in the sky
I'm like hallelujah!
Praise God, almighty, the most high, alpha and omega in the sky

I'm like
Hold up wait a minute, know my mind been goin like whoaa ay
I been thinkin, prayin, hopin, dreamin it won't go away
I know my mind alright, I know ayy
I know my mind alright, do you know a way?
Your way
Do it your way
Do it your way
Do it your way

This is beyond the flesh
This is beyond the flesh
This is from the soul
And for the soul
This is for all my brothers and sisters
For all my children
This is for every race
This is for every color, every creed
Music does not discriminate
Music is made to assimilate
Black is beautiful, black is beautiful
And so are you
Strollin down the highway, I'm strollin
And I was strollin down the highway
Strollin, strollin
With my mind ablaze
Strollin down the highway
For days and days
Strollin down the highway
With my mind ablaze
For days and days

I know, I know, I'm supposed to been home, I'm coming Just, I'm on my way home, every time
I'm on my way there right now, ok?
Oh shit!
Life, what's it all about?
What? Wait, where am I?
The space between spaces
Beyond time and existential intelligence
Forget, fu*kall the hippy shit, where am I?
What's the last thing you remember Atom?
I was in the store, I bought some smokes, I came outside, the phone rang, I...
How do you know my name?!
You were walking home from work when you died
Died? Dead? I'm dead? I'm dead?!
It wasn't an act of courage or bravery, but it was your time
What do you mean it's my time? What? I got...
What about Vanessa? What about the baby?
Your wife? And son? You see, that's what I like to hear
You find out you're dead and the first thing you worry about is others
Man, answer me, what about my family? What's going on with Vanessa?
They're doing just fine. You see, your wife was cheating on you
Wait, wait, the bitch did what?!
And even though she loved you dearly
She was a bit relieved you would never find out
Wait, what the fu*kyou mean she cheated on me?
How you gon tell me I'm dead then gon tell me my wife cheated on me?!
Atom. None of that matters now
Walk with me
Wait, what is this? Is this... Is this heaven?
Well, I don't see no pitchforks, little red people runnin around, it ain't too hot up in here so I guess this ain't hell either
I think the easiest way to describe it, this white void, is to look upon it as a waiting room So... are you God?
Yes, I'm God

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