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Spiritual solitude is a huge component in self-evolution. And, when you wanna evolve, or you are evolving, regardless if you want to or not, like someone like myself, who's developing clairvoyant abilities by the age of 20 because that's my genetic disposition as a Caribbean person, it comes to you, and you have to accept it-it says in many books, many esoterics that it's gonna come to a point where you not gonna relate to people anymore; people not gonna relate to you. And the things that you-you used to share your time with, or anything, whether it be the parties, girls, the men I'm close with, friends I used to be friends with, it didn't relate to it no more. So there's a time where I had to have solitude and force myself into solitude, because I wasn't tryin' to play myself, aye? If something wasn't right for me, I couldn't force myself in it. My body was rejecting it, my mind was rejecting it, my spirit was rejecting it, so I had to be alone.

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "Outro" incluso nell'album "KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know" [vedi disco] nel 2017 con un salto di stile Hip Pop Rock musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Welcome To The People I Used To Know" Testo ] Video - "Alert" Testo ] Video - "God, Love, Sex And Drugs" Testo ] Video - "Make This Song Cry" Testo ] Video - "Crazy Like You" Testo ] Video - .
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