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Send It On Testo

Send it up
Send it through
Send it right back 2 U
Send it up
Send it through
Send it right back 2 U

Your inner view to me is
Something that I do desire
Struggling 2 see a new something that I fantasize
So I'm sending
U can't disguise your emotions
U know that I see in your eyes
U soul's, your soul's somethin' that I feel inside
Run,run,run,run if I run Lord only knows how far that I
and I will fall behind
Gotta find a better place, gotta find a better space
So that I, so my life may be the reason why

Hold on be strong, 4 your own
Move on b4 long, you'll get home
If your feeling insecure
U can be sure, Even if it take forever and a day for me 2 do
I gotta send it on 2 U
Tell me what will I do
Send it right back 2 U

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "Send It On" incluso nell'album "Voodoo" [vedi disco] nel 2000 con un salto di stile Hip Pop Rock musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Africa" Testo ] Video - "Chicken Grease" Testo ] Video - "Devils Pie" Testo ] Video - "Feel Like Makin' Love" Testo ] Video - "Greatdayndamornin'/Booty" Testo ] Video - .
Guardate D'Angelo biografia e discografia con tutti i suoi dischi . La sua musica puo essere trovato alla loro "Voodoo" [View] - "Brown Sugar" [View] - .

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