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Shiver Testo

I walk a mile with a smile
And I don't know
I don't care where I am
But I know it's alright

Jump the tracks
Can't get back
I don't know anyone around here
But I'm safe this time

Cos when you
Tell me, Tell me, Tell me
Stupid things, like you do
Yes, I
Have to, have to, have to
Change the rules
I can't lose

Cause I shiver
I just break up
When I'm near you
It all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver
I get bent up
There's no way that
I know you'll understand

We talk and talk
'round it all
Who'd have thought
We'd end up here
But I'm feeling fine
In a rush
Never trust
You'll be there
If I'd only stop and take my time

Cos with you
I'm running, running, running
Somewhere I can't get to
Yes I have to have to have to
Change the rules
I'm with you



What if you get off at the next stop
Would you just wave us I'm drifting off
And if I never saw you again
Could I keep all of this inside

CHORUS repeat to fade

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "Shiver" incluso nell'album "Counting Down The Days" [vedi disco] nel 2005 con un salto di stile Hip pop rock internacional musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Starting Over" Testo ] Video - "Shiver" Testo ] Video - "Satisfied" Testo ] Video - "Counting Down The Days" Testo ] Video - "I Won't Be Lost" Testo ] Video - .
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