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The Apparition Testo

Now I'm here can you see me
'Cos I'm out on my own
When the room goes cold tell me you can feel me
.........'cos I'm here

Here I am, can you see me
Passing through, on my way
To a place I'd been to only in my dreams... before

In a world of delusion
Never turn your back on a friend
'Cos you can count your
real true friends on one hand

.........through life

There are those that deceive you
There are those that'll let you down
Is there someone out there that would die for you
.........thought not

Live your life with a passion
Everything you do, do well
You only get out of life what you put in
.........so they say

In a world of confusion
People never say what they mean
If you want a straight answer go look for one
.........right now

In a room full of strangers
Do you stand with your back to the wall
Do you sometimes feel like you're on the outside
.........looking in?

You can make your own luck
You create your destiny
I believe you have the power if you want to
.........it's true

You can do what you want to
If you try a little bit harder
A little bit of faith goes a long way
.........it does

Are we here for a reason?
I'd like to know just what you think
It would be nice to know what happens when we die
.........wouldn't it?

There are some who are wise
There are some who are born naive
I believe that there are some that must have lived before
.........don't you?

As for me, well I'm thinking
You gotta keep an open mind
But I hope that my life's not an open and shut case

Extrasensory Perception
Life after death, telepathy
Can the soul live on and travel through space and time?

You know I feel so elated
'Cos I'm about to find it out
And when I know all the answers
Maybe then I'll come back
.........to fill you in

You don't be alarmed now
If I try to contact you
If things go missing or get moved around
...it's me
And don't disbelieve it
No matter what your friends might say
We'll meet up again someplace some way
.........one day.

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