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The Departure Testo

I, I guess I figured it out
by nightfall we'll have bleeded it out
and if you only knew me
this is my sequel to my dying movie

Oh how could I love you if I'm in love
with something else
this chemical has got the best of me I swear

Your always on my mind well,
give me something else I could have vain, obtain,
Oh Lord,
it's not the same I, stop the crying games
I never knew it that I thought you could
Oh Lord, I got no way out I never had
now I'm praying for this OH!


Watch me as I wave goodbye
you turned your back to many fucking times
by night fall
I'll be signed
the drugs have got me overwhelmed
snorting everything that I can see inside and not sleeping till
that night
when you called it a nightmare

I never did it, change it,
I don't think you're playing games but I think it's all a shame
that my friends are all in

tell me now!

please just let me go!



by nightfall

watch the waves come crumbling in

It's a figure of speech yes!
I am here!
you are there
we are not alone
we are not alone
you stabbed me in my back!
one to many times
now I'm just walking away
and getting sad!
please go!
please savior!
you never mentioned, GOD!
walk away!
walk away from me!
and what I have created for myself!
I walk away home

I'm ready to go, I'm not ready to go.

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Ora e possibile riprodurre il Video o testi video ufficiale per la canzone "The Departure" incluso nell'album "Coming Home" [vedi disco] nel 2017 con un salto di stile Hip Pop Rock musicale. La parte superiore del testo di questo CD sono le canzoni "Coming Home" Testo ] Video - "Broken" Testo ] Video - "Loser" Testo ] Video - "Fuck You and All Your Friends" Testo ] Video - "I Hate Everyone" Testo ] Video - .
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