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Sister Texte

Saw it in her eyes
Oh, it wasn't what she said
She came together like a dream
That I didn't know I had
From the sleeping life I lead
All the colors I have seen
I can't help but recognize
The brighter one in front of me
Oh, the truth I thought I learned
And then it finally came along
Turned around and then it's there
All the love I thought was gone

I want to know you
I want to show you
I want to be there
I want to see her
Piece us together
Know it's forever
Show me the future
Tell me you'll be there
I want to go where
Nobody knows fear
I want to follow
My heart down that wild road

Everywhere I go
I can see your face
Alive and gone at once
Hey, that's the way I see this place
And though this blessing was a curse
Before I opened up my heart
You learn to take it as it comes
You fall together, fall apart

I want to know you
I want to show you
I want to be there
I want to see her
Live it through your eyes
Piece us together
Know that this wild road
Will go on forever
I want to live life
I want to die right

Next to you
Next to you
Next to you

All my life I thought I'd change x15

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