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Wanna Be feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR Texte


We got London on da Track

I wanna know if you can keep up
I wanna drink out of the same cup with you
You know me, never had a bad vibe
No bad vibes with you
Never let a good time pass you by, ah
You know I'm really know you, girl, why you actin' shy?
Don't I always show up girl? Yeah, yeah (Skrr)
Don't I always pour up girl? Yeah, yeah (Skrr)
You see, it's more than physical
You always take me literal, yeah

[PARTYNEXTDOOR (French Montana):]
That's why I ask you (Haan, I ask you)
To be here right with me
That's why I ask you (Right here)
This is where you wanna be (Huh)
Feel so good, don't wanna leave (Huh)
And I don't wanna have no fun unless you're with me, yeah (Haan)
And I don't wanna have to storytell to make believe, yeah (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Ooh (Ayy, ayy, ayy), ooh (Haan)
Ooh, ooh (Skrrt, skrrt), ooh-ooh
I, I, yeah

[French Montana:]
Skatin' on the beat, Montana
Yes, believe it, cross the region (Region)
Dreamin' in a precinct, woke up in a cell I was heated (Heated)
Now we drinkin' Fiji in Fiji (And Fij')
From the court house to the car seats (Car seats)
Torpedos, clique full of hunnid Carlitos
Mobsters, never crabs, eatin' lobsters (Haan)
Millionaires, diamonds like J Balvin hair (Haan)
Coupe two door, ball like Joe Dumars
I'm the one, take two, booth with the space too
Knock 'em out the park, Babe Ruth (Hey)
I would hate too, shinin' like a '96, made suit
Niggas whinin' like grapefruit
Stacks on the eggs, cracks all flavors
Started independent now I can sign to major
My wrist Cartier (Hey), wine 40 years (Hey)
My homie came home fresh off 40 years (Hey)

[PARTYNEXTDOOR (French Montana):]
And that's why (Montana)
And that's why (Party)
That's why, that's why (That's why, that's why, that's why)
This is where you wanna be (Oh, oh)
Feel so good, don't wanna leave
And I don't wanna have no fun unless you're with me, yeah
And I don't wanna have to story tell to make believe, yeah
Ooh (No, no), ooh (Haan)
Ooh (Haan), ooh, ooh-ooh (Montana)
I, I, yeah

To turn up with me, that's what I ask you
To be right here with me, that's why I ask you

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