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Would That Make U Love Me Texte

If I wasnt who I was
If I wasnt me
Would u stand next 2 me in the street
If I changed my hair
Would u then be proud
If I ran round town with a different crowd
Would u be my baby
If I had more money
Would that make u love me more
Would that make u love me more

If I practiced a different religion
If I spoke my words differently
If I changed my tune 2 your favorite song
Would u wrap your arms around me
If I dug down deep 2 the bottom
Would u love me unconditionally
If I sound like u and we laugh the same
Would u mind if I hang around
Would that make u love me more
Would that make u love me more

If I came 2 u from a different place
Would my message finally be heard
If its just me and u and theres no one else
Would u see how much were the same
Would u be my lover
If I'm a different color
Would u be my brother
Would that make u love me more

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