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Radiohead Paranoid android

Letra Paranoid android lyrics en Ingles

Please could you stop the noise i'm trying to get some rest?
from all the unborn chicken voices in my head?
huh what's that??
when i am king you will be first against the wall
with your opinions which are of no consequence at all
huh what's that??
ambition makes you look very ugly
kicking squeeling gucci little piggy
You don't remember
you don't remember
why don't you remember my name?
off with his head, off with his head
why wont he remember my name...
i guess he does
Rain down, rain down
come on rain down on me
from a great height, from a great height
rain down, rain down
come on rain down on me
from a great height, from a great height
Thats it sir your're leaving
the crackle of pig skin
the dust and the screaming
the yuppies networking
the panic, the vomit
the panic, the vomit
god loves his children
god loves his children, yeah!

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Disco: "Best of"

Estilo: Pop Rock Playlist Radiohead

Letra Radiohead - Paranoid androidEstamos Escuchando Paranoid android de Radiohead con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Pop Rock y editado en (2008) e incluido en el disco ''Best of''. El tema "Exit music" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Creep" ,"Nude" ,"No surprises" ,"Weird Fishes - Arpeggi" ,.

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