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Billy Currington Everything

Letra Everything lyrics en Ingles

Billy Currington
The way you stumble in the kitchen
Looking for that first cup of joe
How you put on your mascara
Starin' in the mirror on your tippy-toes
And if you wonder why I love you baby
I can boil it down to just one thing
Yeah everything
Every little thing about you baby turns me on
(If it ain't one thing it's another)
I can't explain
How everything about you turns me on
(If it ain't one thing it's another)
Oh it turns me on, on, on
On, on, on
On, on, on
On, on, on
The se*y way you say "Hey baby"
When you see my number on your phone
The way you bit your lip when Mama said
"You cooked the chicken way too long"
Girl be careful what you do and say
Repeat Chorus
The way you walk, the way you smile
The way you kiss, it drives me wild
The way you laugh, the way you sing
Girl you know it's everything
The way you talk, the way you drive
The way you make me feel alive
The way you whisper "I love you"
Everything you do just turns me on, on, on
On, on, on
On, on, on
On, on, on

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Disco: "Little Bit of Everything"

Estilo: Country Playlist Billy Currington

Letra Billy Currington - EverythingEstamos Escuchando Everything de Billy Currington con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Country y editado en (2008) e incluido en el disco ''Little Bit of Everything''. El tema "People Are Crazy" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Hey Girl" ,"People Are Crazy" ,"Don't" ,"No One Has Eyes Like You" ,.

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