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D-12 Bizarre (Skit)

Letra Bizarre (Skit) lyrics en Ingles

(Nasty Minds D12 Background)

Shit dog,


(Swifty Mcvay)

I jus told him.

The motherfucker that he goin' to far wit this shit.

He's doin' that crazy ass shit he talkin' nigga..


Uh What..?

(Swifty Mcvay)

Nigga don't act like you don't know this group member.

Mother fucka'.

You know he talkin' that crazy ass shit.

He goin' to far Man.

(D12 Mumbbeling)

(Swifty Mcvay)

Man, It's sweet. It aint bad..

(D12 Mumbelling)


Aiy, Aiy, Aiy, Aiy, BIZZY!

Bring yo' fat ass over here..

nigga, C'mere.

(D12 Laughing)

(Swifty Mcvay)

Kick that shit in here..


Wanna Kick some shit man?


Turn the radio down dogg, turn the radio dog.


My girlfriends in the olympics, she'll be running track meets

Im lieying, shes a pera pleeder, she eats wit her feet'

(D12 Laughing)



The Fuck' you laughin at?

She'll be here next week.

In a black jeep, wit 2 other Handicap Freaks.

(D12 Laughing)

Yeah Nigga! Haha.

That shits dope man,

thats some crazy ass shit.

That was some crazy shit dogg!

(D12 Mumbelling)

That was crazy.

That was crazy as hell to hear.

(D12 Laughing and Mumbelling)


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Disco: "D-12 World"

Estilo: Pop Rock Internacional Playlist D-12

Letra D-12 - Bizarre (Skit)Estamos Escuchando Bizarre (Skit) de D-12 con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Pop Rock Internacional y editado en (2004) e incluido en el disco ''D-12 World''. El tema "Git Up" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Fight Music" ,"Git Up" ,"Just Like U" ,"American Psycho 2 (Featuring B-Real)" ,.

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