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The Free Fall Band Electric Virgin Mary

Letra Electric Virgin Mary lyrics en Ingles

(HUMANITY): As Virgin Mary walks away,

Through rebel streets of morning scent, she looks across,

She moves like the perils of her life have been lost;

And changing points of view,

A little call that gets her down and breaks you through:

(VIRGIN MARY): Oh Lord! I can’t believe that the meaning’s so gone ... My parents traded a goat and a cow and a fucking lamb,

For a dry and steep and uphill piece of land.

(GOD): I’m sorry Mary. If you knew economy,

You’d know that’s an offer you couldn’t reject:

I’m referring to the land, not the lamb!

They chose the carpenter for a reason; darling,

Wooden souls last longer.

I can’t believe, I can’t believe that my blessing’s a nuisance,

Oh these days!

(HUMANITY): And as she stares the ground, she wonders:

(VIRGIN MARY): Should I sell my dreams or fight somehow?

Oh Lord, I can’t believe my decision’s so numb.

Please change this, my Lord.

Why choose me, Lord?

(GOD): Forget your mother, forget your friends.

Forget your 8th grade first High School dance.

Forget your love and forget you’re someone,

Forgive their lies and forsake your troubles.

You’re going to be a symbol, Mary!

Look outside, the new age waits for our son to arise.

Populus memento!

(HUMANITY): It’s hard to imagine though these days,

A Virgin Mary rebel in so many ways.
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Disco: "Elephants Never Forget"

Estilo: Pop Rock Playlist The Free Fall Band

Letra The Free Fall Band - Electric Virgin MaryEstamos Escuchando Electric Virgin Mary de The Free Fall Band con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Pop Rock y editado en (2012) e incluido en el disco ''Elephants Never Forget''. El tema "Contemporary Love" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Contemporary Love" ,"Miqui's Two Nostalgic Punk Songs" ,"Zombies'" ,"When The Apple Tree" ,.

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