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X Ambassadors Good News On The Remix (Interlude)

Letra Good News On The Remix (Interlude) lyrics en Ingles

X Ambassadors
Dude. I got to hear it! I wanna fucking hear it! I can't even like, I can't even process what is going on right now, so, I like, like, need a moment. Hold on, I'm losing it
I got two phones, I'm trying to record you crying
I can't - I'm not crying, dude!
I'm recording you crying, man!
Fuck! You gotta send it to me, though! Can you please send it to me?
I don't know what you're talking about
God damn it. Oh my God
Alright, man
Noooo! Fuck you, man, this is so crazy!
Alright. I'll figure - OK. I'll tell the guys to get in on it
OK, cool
Peace, man

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Disco: "VHS"

Estilo: Pop Rock Playlist X Ambassadors

Letra X Ambassadors - Good News On The Remix (Interlude)Estamos Escuchando Good News On The Remix (Interlude) de X Ambassadors con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Pop Rock y editado en (2015) e incluido en el disco ''VHS''. El tema "Renegades" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Renegades" ,"Unsteady" ,"Jungle feat. Jamie N Commons" ,"BOOM" ,.

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