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For me a topic written in depression is like a babysitter
For you it is a dagger because your soul fractures
I notice they caress my back
And sweet tears fall down my salty cheeks

I hold on to a support that I feel doesn't hold
But when I can have it, I'm not interested
Run in the opposite direction to your fucking career
Cause I'm a dopao horse 'that passed your school (wouh!)

Deception is easy when the prey is difficult
That's why I play so much with my mind and its' promises
I'm tired of swearing strawberry flavored kisses
Because then there is a lack of sugar and the fault of the one who thinks (wouh!)

If I pass I have a shitty attitude
But when I get involved I screw it up for being honest
Tell me what color of water do you want in the storm
Because I do not sign the contract if they put permanence

Ah! If it is me, I am very rancid
But at least I know I trust the warning
For the times I said "Melina, don't do anything"
And I didn't know how to control that level of demand (wouh!)

And I'm not looking for ataraxia anymore
I just self-give myself reverence
That's why I write and notice that you love this
But I'm still home breaking my head

I'm not the same anymore because people change
You will get used to the piranha bite
In a swamp fighting with the algae
And the water turns rotten every time

The perfect line will lead you into the trap
And the most good move and the one that hits you the bad
The sun hits me in the neck in the morning
And even if I chop and want gasoline I always give it long (wouh!)

I see how you look at me and I feel that you get caught
You cling to me like I'm dawn light
Sometimes when you change your perspective everything changes
I am the clarity of when the blind is closed

I have plenty of love but spider people
I don't know if the problem is me or is that ilk
When there is a problem I know my mind fixes it
And that's why I survive in this vermin circus (wouh!)

Cheddar is not made for your rat
And if he runs 'behind' me, I already know that you won't reach me
You say what you want if it satisfies you
But let him know that reality never presents itself to you at home

Doesn't reply to the 'letter'
I see myself as an old woman playing the guitar without having answers
I promised myself that I would burst the scene
And in the second chapter I broke the whole saga.

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Pa' mí un tema escrito en depresión es como una nana

Para ti es un puñal porque se

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Disco: "Singles"

Estilo: Hip Hop

Letra Anier - NANAEstamos Escuchando NANA de Anier con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Hip Hop y editado en (2018) e incluido en el disco ''Singles''. El tema "Siéntelo" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Siéntelo" ,"Darko" ,"Caballos dopaos" ,"NANA" ,.

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