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I come out with red eyes from the fucking living room
Assessing whether the investment is feasible
I survive because I wind up my imagination
Because if not here I can not stand and kill myself in any slump

I continue as always, never like before
Better than yesterday, but beware that it is still Tuesday
You can bet, but I do not believe that you are correct
If you invest you know that it is a risk to lose part

Ask yourself why now I can no longer see myself
Or maybe it was you who didn't want to find me
Nothing justifies again a "I want to lose myself"
But I allow myself to go out when I want to air

And it's ready, even if the rudder almost always fails
Because I learned from the situation
If you want to eat me, let me eat the fucking pressure
May the day I get up give you a lesson

I got on the train, but I didn't get off at the station
I looked for the alternative in another option
To luck I owe more than one favor
But I can see if it sneaks and I'm still here livin 'the life a la cabrón

I lack oxygen, I only observe parasites
In a world of shit that could have been magical
Is it my path or has it been a tragic destination?
Fuck God, I'm still chasing success

And there is no merit, everything is mathematical
There is no energy when you panic
Stage fright makes your face pale
But I go out to eat and come back with a sadistic face

And without thinking about those diplomatic pigs
Stealing the euros that I have earned with my habits
Do not trust anyone because it is expensive
Utopia is not for sale, but it has been buried

I keep that key in another drawer
Because I don't know if the day is strange or is my feeling
The sky starts spitting and a shower comes down
I see it as a burden to what you call don

Now I don't put my foot in the puddle anymore
But I still don't steer the fucking ship
Sometimes I dream and talk to my Donnie Darko
Sometimes I feel that nothing is really so much

I'll leave it for later, like everything I do
That I start many things and I don't finish them
I do not detach, my cry is now paid
Like a Tim Burton movie placed

And it's a toxic mallet, I'm already passing your moves
Like the one who screams and says nothing to you
I keep sharpening the knife with a sword
So you can see what hurts, but only if it sticks

So you feel like I felt that dagger
So you wait, but expect nothing
So you have some truth on your face
And stop emparanoiarte with anything that happens.

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Estilo: Hip Hop

Letra Anier - DarkoEstamos Escuchando Darko de Anier con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Hip Hop y editado en (2018) e incluido en el disco ''Singles''. El tema "Siéntelo" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Siéntelo" ,"Darko" ,"Caballos dopaos" ,"NANA" ,.

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