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That day has come, I can feel the drops

That day when they speak to you and you feel they are wrong

The soul is still there, but it is broken

And I don't know why it breaks if it hides if touched

I feel alone without being alone

Like the castaway who already He doesn't look at the sea because he isn't expecting a ship

And that doesn't stop them from giving us

But he no longer waits for luck to give him something

It will be this day, this storm

That call you expected to come and that doesn't come

And no matter how much it doesn't come you keep thinking about her

Because what is not said, is saved until it runs over you

It will be that star that does not shine

Or maybe it is my head that makes me walk on tiptoe (On tiptoe)

I don't know if I'm strong or not strong

But I don't know how I can stand so many days like this

Without a thousand pills, just wanting to see me

Smiling, like when my dad tickled me

In the ribs, I told him to always stop

And now that I want them , I can't have it in front of me

And I tell my mind to invent

it But it invents rains from September to September

And I don't know what happens, but I'm still at home, broken

Although from the outside it may seem that I have everything

I feel alone accompanied

Like the one who does not want to love because he has suffered from loving too much

. And then what is left? Maybe a hug? A mortgage in installments?

Maybe a friendship, if we're fake?

Everything tastes like failure and a lie

I lost my sunglasses because I thought I wouldn't go out

And "after the storm comes calm", they said

But it hit me so hard that I still see lightning during the day

And another psychologist, and another lost session (Ah)

And again the little advice: "enjoy life, it's over"

And I already know it's over, I saw it up close (Ah, yes)

Or do you think that when I go to a funeral I don't realize it?

I went from child to adult too quickly (Oh)

I went from dolls to feeling like one, made of plastic

I went from homework to practicality

From having everything done to me to having to do my best

And we're not ready for the jump (No)

Life It's not a road, it's a path between ravines (Yeah)

What will become of that friend with whom he laughed so much?

Sometimes I think about him, but I don't call (Ah)

And I never do and I go out for drinks (Yes)

As if I wanted to sink little by little into my lake (How?)

As if the time I have left was a sentence

And this balance will always tip to the side of sorrow

And I am one of those who always look at the horizon

Of those who leave a light at midnight

Of those who are afraid and sometimes hide

Of those who fear the edges

I am not a coward, I am just a man

who sometimes runs without knowing where

Because life seems enormous to

him Death shakes him, time ages him

And the rain seduces him while it breaks him .

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Letra La Tormenta - Ambkor

Llegó ese día, puedo sentir las gotas

Ese día en que te hablan y sientes que se equivocan<

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Disco: "Singles"

Estilo: Hip Hop

Letra Ambkor - La TormentaEstamos Escuchando La Tormenta de Ambkor con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Hip Hop y editado en (2020) e incluido en el disco ''Singles''. El tema "FLOTANDO" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Buenos días" ,"Agua (con Nach)" ,"Verte otra vez" ,"Si nos cruzamos" ,.

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