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J. Holiday Laa Laa

Letra Laa Laa lyrics en Ingles

J. Holiday
Now 'fore you roll this shit,settle down young girl
B4 we smoke this shit,settle down young girl
Ya rollin witcha boy ,chillin wit ya boy
And this how it is when you f**ks withcha boy
So lets smoke this shit ,settle down young girl
You cant be to quick settle down young girl
Lets do tis thing right ,its going down tonight
And promise everything will be alright
Now shawty roll it roll it rloo it
Make sure you close it close it close it
Ima show you how to hold it hold it hold it,hey
Now puff puff give that shit back to ya nigga
We on that laa laa
One hit will make you fly fly
So all you gotta do is try,and trust me girl
Oh we on that laa laa
One hit will make you fly fly
And all you gotta do is try ,and trust me girl
This thing will have a happy ending
Now that we done smoked this shit throw,it down young girl
Get up in this bed,take it down young girl
Ya do ya boy right and everything i like
So ima rock ya body all night
We makin love in 3d,im puttin it down young girl
And every time you see me, iput it down young girl
So after tonight it'll never be the same so gone and roll that seacond one lets do this shit

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Disco: "Back of My Lac"

Estilo: Hip Hop Playlist J. Holiday

Letra J. Holiday - Laa LaaEstamos Escuchando Laa Laa de J. Holiday con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Hip Hop y editado en (2007) e incluido en el disco ''Back of My Lac''. El tema "Suffocate" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Suffocate" ,"Bed" ,"Be With Me" ,"Come Here" ,.

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