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Brad Paisley Mr. Policeman

Letra Mr. Policeman lyrics en Ingles

Well hey, hey Mr. Policeman

Bet I can drive faster'n you can

C'mon hoss lets have some fun

Go on shoot me with a radar gun

You look bored and I sure am

Catch me if you can

Hey hey Mr. policeman

I got a 75 firebird trans am

With a 455 up under the hood

Me and my brother got it running good

Wake up behind them ol' RayBans

Catch me if you can

Go on turn on your blue lights (so pretty!)

You know you want to I just flew by

I can see you peelin' out

Hows my dust taste in your mouth?

C'mon smokey its time to race

Lets have us a high speed chase

Well hey hey Mr. policeman

Chopper in the air and a couple of swat vans

That's not fair they're blocking the road

Now where am I supposed to go?

Time to use my backup plan

Catch me if you can

Hey hey Mr. policeman

Bet I can run faster'n you can

With your big pot belly

And your cowboy boots,

100 bucks says you won't shoot

I know these woods like the back of my hand

Come on catch me if you can

Go on turn on your spotlight (so shiny!!)

I got running shoes and I'm younger than you

And I got all night

Theres no way you're keeping up with me

Just go on back to the Krispy Kreme

If you wanna quit I understand

Catch me if you can

Hey hey Mr. policeman

I said hey hey Mr. policeman

I'm in the jail house now

I'm in the jail house now

They told me once or twice

Son, please respect my authority

I'm in the jail house now

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Letras de canciones >> b >> Brad Paisley

Disco: "5th Gear"

Estilo: Country Playlist Brad Paisley

Letra Brad Paisley - Mr. PolicemanEstamos Escuchando Mr. Policeman de Brad Paisley con letra en este video de música online con en el video clip con estilo Country y editado en (2007) e incluido en el disco ''5th Gear''. El tema "Online" es el mas escuchado del CD donde puedes ver su letra y las canciones Top "Beat This Summer" ,"Online" ,"I'm Still A Guy" ,"Letter To Me" ,.

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